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This blog is about about reclaiming your time, focus and attention. It's about deliberately using limited technology to preserve your most precious resources.

Reject the doomscrolling, the endless notifications, the information overload, and enjoy something simpler.


  • What is a 'dumb phone'? Chevron right Loosely, I take it to mean a phone that is considerably more limited that a typical modern-day smartphone.
  • Why should I care? Chevron right Excessive smartphone usage is an addiction and has been linked to rising mental health concerns. Deliberately limiting your phone usage is as much a health choice as a lifestyle one, and dumb phones help with both.
  • But wait — I like my phone! Chevron right That's fine! The idea of 'dumb phones' is as much about digital minimalism + limiting your phone usage as it is about the phones themselves. There's plenty of options for tweaking your existing phone.

Who am I?

The Dumbphones Blog is written by me, Harrison. I'm a software engineer by day, and like you, I'm someone who values my time and energy, and wants to make intentional choices about the technology I use.

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